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Below is an introduction to our recent activities. Chlorocarbon solvents have long been used in numerous industries and a massive amount of data regarding their hazard has been accumulated around the world. Thus, the risks involved with chlorocarbon solvents are better known than those of others, newer solvents, and, when properly used, their superior solvent properties can safely benefit users with little impact on the environment. In cooperation with organizations in the U.S. and Europe, we are promoting the dissemination of accurate scientific knowledge and the proper handling and use of chlorocarbon solvents.


Publication of books and leaflets



(1) Sept. 2000

(2) Apr. 2001

(3) Sept. 2002

(4) Apr. 2003

(5) Apr. 2003

(6) March. 2004

(7) Feb. 2005

(8) Apr. 2005

"Handbook for the Proper Handling and Use of Chlorocarbons (revised)"

Leaflet: "Guidelines for Preventing Health Hazards from Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride)"

Leaflet: "Chlorocarbon Solvents Do Work! - How to Be a Model User through Proper Management"

Leaflet: "The Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law and Chlorocarbon Solvents"

"Handbook for the Proper Handling and Use of Chlorocarbons (supplement)"

Leaflet: "How Properly Are Chlorocarbon Solvents Managed at Your Workplace?"

Limited concentrations of dichloromethane and trichloroethylene at the workplace are revised"

Chlorocarbon Solvents Do Work! - How to Be a Model User through Proper Management, Second Series"


Sponsoring of Seminars on Proper Usage



Since 1985 when our association was established, we have held seminars in the main cities around Japan, including Tokyo and Osaka, to disseminate information on the proper handling and use of chlorocarbon solvents.


Self-Controlled Reduction in Discharge of Hazardous Air-Polluting Chemical Substances



The program to reduce the discharge of hazardous air-polluting chemical substances was launched in 1997 in accordance with the guidelines of the Air Pollution Control Law. The goals for the first term from 1997 to 1999 and the second term from 2001 to 2003 respectively were achieved.


Publication of the Chlorocarbon Quality Standards



When the Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS) for the general industrial grade of chlorocarbon solvents was abolished, we developed and published the "Quality Standards for Chlorocarbons (7 Compounds)" in October 2002, which we currently utilize.


Other Activities



We exchange information about chlorcabons with the Halogenated Solvents Industry Alliance (HSIA) of the U.S. and the European Chlorinated Solvent Association (ECSA), and take part in the tripartite meetings which are held periodically to promote the sharing of information, mainly on environmental issues and the hazards of chlorocarbons.

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